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Construction Kit 100
Identical Building Kits are currently being used in schools throughout the United States. Using these kits, instructors develop building programs that teach the concepts of wood frame construction. Students learn to understand a floor plans, identify lumber by name, frame walls, raise and nail walls together to make the house frame, and much more. All necessary materials are included in each kit. Framing is done in ¾ inch scale according to building codes, the same as would be called for at a construction site.

Learn all the aspects of building a home right in your own living room. Identical Building Kits will provide you with information that will prove useful to you in the years ahead and could save you thousands of dollars if someday you decide to build your own home. Even if you hire a contractor to build your home, you could be dollars ahead knowing what is going at each stage of construction. You will be able to speak to the contractor in his own language, with confidence. Here is an opportunity for you to speak with authority when discussing the building of a home or a modification to your existing home.

Construction Kit 105